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Demtec Potting Machine, Canning Equipment, Canning Machine,

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​PM1002 Double Potter

Welcome to Hort Tech Systems​ formerly Midas Nursery Solutions

​Midas Forks

Demtec 3016 Potting Machine

Damcon PL Series Field Planters

Midas Nursery Solutions would like to thank all the loyal customers and visitors to the Midas web page. Our customers have been the best over the years. We hope that we have provided a service to anyone who has visited and browsed  the many products that we offer. It is our deepest hope that we have been able to better you nursery automation process by providing a wide selection of automation equipment and helping you implementing new ideas and that have been put into practice at your business and been successful with them. Since Midas Nursery Solutions has been sold to a leading nursery company that is not going to sell any nursery automation equipment, a new company has been started by an employee of Midas, in order to continue helping with your nursery automation needs. The Company name is Hort Tech Systems LLC. We are still located at the 14850 SW Hillsboro Hwy Bldg. B, Hillsboro OR 97123 location. In the coming weeks if you visit the Midas site you will be directed to the Hort Tech Systems site where you can find an expanded range of equipment. As time allows we will be expanding the lines to better serve our customers. If you don’t see what you are looking for give us a call our vendors are always eager to take on new projects.

Thank you in advance,

Clay Starke
Hort Tech Systems LLC
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​GreenElf Fertilizer Applicator

Damcon KLR 300 ST Field Digger

Willburg Media Topper 

Crown Mower


Soil topper, Media Topper, Bark Topper Willburg Projecten Nursery Automation
Root Trimmer, Root Pruner

​​​​​​Nursery Automation

B Tech Root Trimmer

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At Hort Tech Systems we focus our energies on finding solutions for our clients and our goal is to provide innovative services that will increase your productivity and consistency, and quality. From tray automation and material handling to potting solutions and hand held machines, we work to find solutions that meet your needs. Midas Nursery Solutions tests and uses many of the nursery automation products we provide to our clients and we proudly stand behind each of the products we provide. We are committed to being the best horticulture wholesale suppliers for the industry. Watch our videos below to see what sets us apart.