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Nursery Automation Equipment

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Shipments originating outside the United Sates are subject to Broker fees, Documentation fees, Duties, Entrance fees, Holding charges and taxes that will be accrued and billed to the customer by Midas Nursery Solutions.

In April of 2019 Hort Tech Systems was formed when the name Midas Nursery Solutions was sold to other company and the owner of the company took a new position with the company the name was sold to.  Clay has been in the nursery business for the past 30 years starting his career as an area grower of Holiday crops in Snohomish WA later moving to eastern WA and then to Oregon working for various nurseries. Starting in 2016 with Midas Nursery Solutions to provide Nursery Automation Equipment and coordinate logistics for items coming from Europe. 

In April of 2019 the name Midas Nursery Solutions was sold to Tree Town USA. While Tree Town USA is not going to sell any automation equipment, Clay Starke has started a new business named Hort Tech Systems. 

Midas Nursery Solutions was started in January 2009 when Gold Hill Nursery saw a need to automate the way that they were producing plants for the nursery industry. On January 1, 2017 Matt purchased Midas Nursery Solutions. We then leased a facility at the Midway Plant Farm in Hillsboro, OR, large enough to maintain an inventory of items for our customer needs.  Matt has had a fascination with automation since early in his career and is always looking for a better way to accomplish the same task. His interest in automation has taken him to Europe many times; each time with the sole purpose of studying the automation process of the nurseries there. Matt served as President of the Oregon Association of Nurseries during 2013-2014. In February of 2015 Clay joined the team as one of the first full time Midas staff with the responsibilities of promoting, selling, importing and shipping, Midas products to customers. Clay has a passion for plants that are field grown; he is continually exploring new, improved and efficient ways to produce field grown nursery plants.  Midas has a staff that is knowledgeable and experienced in most every aspect of the nursery business. We provide solutions to the nursery industry from some of the best equipment vendors worldwide. If your nursery has a need, Midas has the solution!