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Attalink 6AP

Models Available Upon Request:

6A4-Similar to the 6A but has a smaller handle for individuals with smaller hands and a slightly smaller opening.

6AM-This model has the same max. tie capacity as the 6A but has been specially designed for mounting on a table.

6AP- Has the same max. tie capacity as the 6A but is mounted on a base with a pedal that allows for both hands to be used to position the bundle and which can then be tied by pushing the pedal. It is just over 35 inches tall.

Available Models:


- 3A max tie capacity- 1.18 inches

- 3A max opening- 1.73 inches

- 6A

- 6A max tie capacity- 2.36 inches

- 6A max opening- 3.22 inches


​Quick Facts:

- Applies 800 ties without reloading depending on tying diameter

- Degradable ties, made of natural rubber and cotton

- Spare parts and spare kits available​

- Lightweight and easy to handle

- Consistent performance

- Less than $0.01 per tie with standard application

- Includes 1 cartridge of aluminum and 1 spool of standard thread

- Tying tension can be easily adjusted

​- Thread cuts easily in any temperature

Standard elastic thread (Comes in Box of 20 spools):
Tension strength of approximately 3 kg and thanks to its photo-degradable rubber, this is suitable to most kinds of seasonable tying (climbing plants, fan trees, raspberry canes, fruit tree grafts, etc…) :
– Outdoors, if it is still there after a year, the rubber will have partially deteriorated and the tie will be weaker.
– In an interior environment, no significant deterioration will occur within one year.
Good degradability is ensured by the natural rubber core in a cotton sheath.
Color:  White
Approx. length per bobbin: 70 m.

PEGN thread – Long life (Comes in box of 20 spools):
More responsive than standard elastic thread, PEGN thread is tighter from the outset.
Its black polyester casing protects the rubber from the sun and lowers its photo degradability. It is therefore suitable for ties which need to last up to 2 years or which require greater tension from the outset (vine shoots, fan tree needing to be firmly attached to a stake, etc.)
Color:  black (optimum UV protection).
Approx. length per bobbin: 100 m.

Aluminum Reels for crimping (Packaging: 20 per box)
Aluminum alloy; thickness 0.5 mm [0.02in].
Suitable for use with all threads.
One reel will provide approx. 1,000 ties.


The Attalink is stainless steel handheld tying tool that can be used for a variety of tying purposes. With two sizes you can tie up to 1.18 in or 2.36 in bundles. Using degradable ties made of natural rubber and cotton, these ties won't cause girtling and allow for flexiblitly and growth. The material decays naturally and falls off on its own. The two most commonly used threads last between 8-12 months and 18-24 months depending on the UV exposure. 

Unlike other handheld tying tools, the Attalink works easily in any weather condition and the tightness of the tie can easily be adjusted to meet your specific tying needs. 

The Attalink is delivered ready to use with one magazine of standard white color elastic thread and one reel of standard aluminum for crimping the elastic. 

Attalink - Handheld Tying Tool