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● 240 volts 3 phase (60 Hz) + Zero + ground
● Dimensions H 98½” x L 109½” x W 52”
● Hopper capacity 9.42 cu yds.
● Weight 1105 lbs.
● Working width is 39 in.

Media topper, Bark Topper, Nutshell Topper, Rice Hull Topper

Bark / Media Topper 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Nursery Automation

The Willburg Projecten Bark Topper is a system that rotates the pots at a predetermined speed to evenly distribute bark, nut shells, rice hulls or any media to your required depth. The Bark Topper has 7 variable speed motors that enable you to individually control speed, rotation, and material flow at rates at up to 5000 pots per hour. A photo eye starts and stops the machine allowing for minimum recycling of media and precise distribution without having to vibrate the pot. The machine is of solid, durable construction built to give many years hard service. Topping your pots will prevent weed growth and moss formation, giving a good presentation, saving time and money at shipping time.

Shipments originating outside the United Sates are subject to Broker fees, Documentation fees, Duties, Entrance fees, Holding charges and taxes that will be accrued and billed to the customer by Midas Nursery Solutions.

Nursery Automation Equipment

● Compatible with brands of conveyors

● Covers the pot surface with bark or similar materials

● Electrical variable speed controls

● Equipped with wheels and castors 

● Incoming pots are automatically detected, and the vibration unit starts to run

● Quantity of media is adjustable per pot. 

● Reduces weeds and improves presentation

● Rotates pot for even distribution of material

● Safety standards according to the latest CE standards

● Savings on pesticides

● Sensor for flow control

● Substrate is deposited in the hopper and is moved by the wide conveyor belt to the elevator

● Suitable for round and square pots

● Uniform distribution over the whole pot with excess covering material is shaken off

● Up to 5.000 pots per hour (depending on pot size)

● Volume of the media is governed by two photocells in the machine