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- Available in various power supplies
- Consistent trimming
- Faster output
- Quality trimming

Power Supply Options:
- Battery operated drill
- Corded drill
- Gas powered drill

Cutting Head Sizes Available:
12 cm = 4.72"
14 cm = 5.71"
16 cm = 6.29"
18 cm =7.08"
20 cm = 7.87"
22 cm = 8.66"
25 cm = 9.84"


- Powered by cordless drilling system

- Quality & consistent trims

- Increased Production

- Comes with two batteries

- Battery charge provides 1 hour of trimming and takes only 45 minutes to charge

- 6-10x faster output

Plant Trimmer. Plant Mower, Crown Mower, consistent trimming, rotary cutter, Nursery Automation

Crown Mower

This crown of the trimmer is crafted out of a solid block of steel using 3D milling saw in Holland, and is then sent to Oregon where Midas outfits the machine with a shaft and electrical drill to power the mower. This specially designed trimmer is made to quickly and efficiently trim plants with a consistent size and cut each time. There are multiple sizes available to fit your trimming needs. 

For best results we highly recommend pairing with the Elephant Trunk harness, which redistributes the bulk of the weight, using a rucksack principle, from your arms and upper back, to your hips. This allows for longer use without the extra wear on your body. 

Crown Mower - Trimming Machine

Nursery Automation Equipment

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