Technical Specifications

Pot diameter:                                        from 2¾ inch - 10½, for 16 station and 10½ inch - 13¾ inches for the 8 station
Capacity:                                              from 900 up to 3500 pots per hour
Soil Hopper Capacity:                          4 yard
Drilling Unit:                                          for drills from ⅝ inch up to 8⅝ inches
Voltage:                                                3 phase x 240 V or 3 phase x 400 V + N, 32 A
Settings:                                                variable speed potting ring, separated variable speed

Elevator Chain Model:                           Clockwise or counter clockwise

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Nursery Automation Equipment


Demtec 3016 Potting Machine

The Demtec 3016 is an incredibly versatile potting machine, and will give years of reliable service. Capable of working automatically with pots from 7 cm to 26 cm and 26 cm - 35 cm, it benefits from a solid chassis and a large 3000 L hopper. The potting machine comes with 8 and 16 station potting rings, with centralized adjustments - making changes between different pot sizes quick and simple. Large pneumatic tires and a towing arm makes easily mobile, and comes standard, with a pot dispenser, automatic pot take-off arm and wide exit conveyor.
The Demtec 3016 has an easily adjusted 'pneumatic' double-sided pot dispenser, which is exceptional with second hand pots (if you reuse them). The strong linear pot take-off arm has a very smooth action and allows pots to be removed onto the wide take-off conveyor with little effort. The 3016 is equipped with a wide conveyor and additional rollers for smooth running have been added for use with larger pot sizes. Unique features include a system in the soil hopper to prevent 'soil bridging' and a soil return conveyor eliminating overfilling of the soil elevator. Bare root potting is also easy, as the 3016 comes supplied with the bare root system - allowing pots to be part filled and then topped up from center spilled soil after the shrub is placed in the pot.
This model is standard 3-phase but a phase converter can be used if 3-phase is not available at your location. Type your paragraph here.

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