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Bare root trees, tree digger,

Schrauwen Bed Lifters

Midas Nursery Solutions offers several different types of field digging options. The Damcon tree spades and select bare root diggers make easy work of lifting most any size tree or shrub that your nursery produces. The Schrauwen bed lifters make light work of lifting most any plant you need. The Lommers Track diggers are quick easy to operate and fast digging or root pruning for your nursery crops.

Bed lifter, shaker

Damcon Select Tree Lifters

Lommers Tracked Field Digger

Field digging, field trimming, globe trimmer, cone trimmer, cylinder trimmer

Tree Spades KLR-300 and KLR-300 M

KLR 300 tree spade, plant digger, undercutter

Field Digging, Tree Spades, Bed Lifters and Select Bare Root Diggers