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Keep the Applicator Dry

Do NOT use wet or moist fertilizer in the applicator.

ONLY use dry granular material, never leave bags open to absorb moisture.

Do NOT use sticky or powdered fertilizers.

Do Not Use Magnetic Materials

Check for magnetics by dragging a strong magnet through the bag of material.

Use extra caution when checking and using fertilizers containing Iron addition.

Do Not Open the Applicator

The applicator is factory sealed against dust: opening the unit will break this seal.

If your applicator has been opened please contact us for resealing advice.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Empty the applicator of fertilizer at the end of each day.

After every 1-2 weeks of use clean residue form beneath the Inspection Cover (bright green triangular cover). Do not over tighten screws. refer to user guide.

Recharge and disconnect the battery at the end of the top-dressing season.

Contact Midas Nursery Solutions...

If your applicator needs servicing, or if in doubt, please contact us.

Only use Green Elf ENELOOP battery packs and power supplies/ chargers as supplied by Green Elf Works. Please contact us for a replacement.

● 2 year warranty on parts including battery
● Authorized service center in the USA
● Compared to thumb spring applicators, won't slow productivity
● Consistent dosage
● Eliminates waste
● Eliminates spoon fertilizing 1 scoop at a time
● More consistent than plunger applicators
● Pays for itself with 150,000 applications

● 15,000 to 30,000 shots a day
● 40,000 shots on a single charge
● Count monitoring for each job for each shot applied
● Electronic dose control
● Ergonomic and comfortable
● Fast payback and ongoing savings on labor and material costs
● Light and flexible
● Light-touch electronic trigger
● Rotational freedom
● Single-shot and pace-firing modes

Green Elf fertilizer and Applicator

● For Medium Sized Granular Materials [fertilizers etc.]Most Controlled and Slow

● Release Fertilizers (CRFs/SRFs)
● Some Pesticides
● Other Dry Free Flowing Granular Materials – with predominant size range of 2-4mm in diameter.
● Dose Range: 2.5g – 78g* (Now with 250 adjustable dose settings)
●Hand-Held (HH): Top-Dressing Applicator with 5kg/11lb or 9.5kg/21lb Tube Storage capacity.
● Automated Industrial (AI): Applicator for all automated production setups.

* Results based on Scotts® Osmocote Exact CRF. Results may vary for different materials due to their density and flowing characteristics.

GreenElf Fertilizer & Herbicide Applicator 

Shipments originating outside the United Sates are subject to Broker fees, Documentation fees, Duties, Entrance fees, Holding charges and taxes that will be accrued and billed to the customer by Midas Nursery Solutions.