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- Adapts to most conveyor types
- Adjustable angle for trimmers
- Adjustable cutting blade speed control
- Adjustable height to accommodate larger size shrubs
- Adjustable width for trimmers (distance apart)
- Adjustable width to for spinning various size containers up to a 5 gallon container
           - Spin containers past top cutting bar and side cutting bars / globe trimmers / star blades
- Air blow off to remove debris from conveyor
- Air blowers to help guide foliage for trimming
- Consistent uniform trimming
- Containment  bins to collect debris from trimming plants

- Conveyor belt length 3 m to 5 m (9’4” to 16’4”)
- Conveyor Belt width 25 cm to 45 cm (9½” to 17¾”)
- Easy Maneuverability
- Emergency Shut Off Switch
- Fast cycle time for trimming
- Larger size tires to transport machine over rough surfaces
- Machine dimensions suitable to pick up with fork lift
- Multiple trim heads and cutting bars interchangeable
         -  Mix and Match to your needs
- Multiple type of plants can be trimmed
- Powered by electrical motor  220 3 phase or single phase
- Powered by onboard gas motor to operate hydraulics remotely in field
- Reduce cost per plant
- Reduction of people field trimming
- Steel Construction
- Top trimming cutting bar trimmer 24 inches
- Tow using a small tractor
- Trim option continuous motion trimming
- Trim option start stop trimming
- Vacuum to remove debris from cutting head and multiple locations

Cone / Cylinder knives
60 cm = 23½
70 cm = 27⅝
90 cm = 35½
180 cm = 70⅞
200 cm = 78¾

Lommers In-Line Pruner

The Lommers In-line trimming systems are easily custom built to your container trimming needs. The In-Line pruning system is capable of pruning a wide variety of potted plants ranging in the various shapes of your customer needs.
The In-line trimming system is available in several different configurations to best suit your nursery needs. The continuous motion where the container spins around a stationary trimming head, or a stop start system where the plant stops and the trim head rotates around the container.  
Midas Nursery Solutions would be happy to help design the perfect trimming system for your nursery needs.

Globe trim knives
25 cm = 9½
30 cm = 11⅞
35 cm = 13⅜
40 cm = 15¾
45 cm = 17¾
50 cm = 19¾
55 cm = 21⅝
65 cm = 25⅝
75 cm = 29½
85 cm = 33½

Nursery Automation Equipment

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Nursery Automation