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Concept idea for bare root tree production 

Cultivators, Crumble rollers, Sweeps Weed Control

MultiTrike attachments for tree production

Multiple row sprayer, Drop down spray boom, Drop down sprayer, Row applicator
Bare Root Tree production
Fertilizer applicator. Band fertilizer applicator

Christmas tree cutter,

Additional Items Available:
- Air conditioning
- Enclosed cab
- Side mount digger
- Sun screen
- Under cutting blades
​- Wheel covers for plant protection

​​Quick Facts:
- 4 cylinder water cooled Kubota Tier 4 diesel
- For fertilizing
- For spraying
- For weed control
- Hydrostatic drive
- Process 3 or more rows at once

The Damcon high clearance Multi-Trikes are suitable for row crops, with small width between 31 and 58 inches. The high clearance Multi-Trikes work great for:

- Ball & Burlap Growers
- Bare Root Growers
- Christmas Tree Farms

- Container Crop Growers
- Row Crop Growers

The biggest advantage of the Multi-Trike is working in more than 1 row per pass. This saves you time and money.

The high clearance Multi-Trike can be used for cultivating, mowing, spraying drop down nozzles, boom or hooded single row herbicide attachments, as well as fertilizing attachments.

Field Tractor, Cultivation, Sprayer, Weed Control, Digging, undercutting, fertilizer applicator

Multi-Trike Tool Carrier / Sprayer


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