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Take Off Robot, Pot Transfer System, Pots Flats

Pot Transfer System with Wide Belts / Buffer Belts


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Product Information:

Can be combined with all brands of conveyor belts
Compact design, no protruding parts
For round and square pots
Practical designed delivery buffer belt
Safety standards according to the latest CE tandards
The pots are separated by the driven rollers for the conveyor belt
Universal for various pot sizes
Up to 3.500 pots per hour (depending on pot size)

The Willburg buffer / wide belt pot transfer system is designed to separate flats or pots so they can be graded processed through an inline trimmer, fertilized, or spaced and moved with a set of transport forks to the area where they are to be nested. This increases the efficiency of the whole line, allowing smooth flow of potted material, handled normally by a single operator, saving time, money and effort. The system can be designed to fit the customer needs for length up 40 feet by 6 feet 6 inches wide.

The buffer conveyor belt is stopped from running when pots are added to the belt with the transport/ spacing forks and if the belt is completely filled with pots by means of an electric eye. The complete frame is powder coated and the surface on which the conveyor belt is running is made of steel. The pot transfer system uses a set of rollers to separate the pots or flats and transfer them to a conveyor belt. The displacement of the wide belt is measured by an encoder on the drive shaft (this assures exact measuring). By using the keyboard (PLC touch screen) you can change the pot size to another pot size.